EFFECTIVE psychotherapy

with an empathic style


What keeps you up at night?






Relationship issues?

These are the words we use, but words alone don't take into account the fullness of who you are - an individual striving to find happiness in your life in this often unpredictable world.

The thing is, it's impossible to see the whole picture when you're in the middle of the picture. That's where therapy helps.

Therapy offers you a broader perspective - to examine your thoughts, feelings, and ideas in a climate of curiosity and compassion, where together, we can create a deeper level of consciousness.



Therapy services include:


Clients will often acknowledge that they seem to have trouble "letting go." Well, it's hard to let go when you don't know why you're holding on.

There are reasons things have come to be the way they are, and these reasons often exist beneath the level of consciousness. 

As a therapist, I try to enter your situation, as completely as I can, so that together, we may understand and appreciate how things are and came to be.

In the safety of a good therapeutic relationship, discoveries take place. From there, change can begin.

The relationship I develop with my clients is characterized by empathy and trust. My style  draws from the philosophical, the practical, and sometimes the comical, with a unifying goal to maximize your potential and minimize your suffering.

I work with clients from 18 - 80, all of whom want change in their life situation and relief from the pains they endure.




Specializing in psychotherapy for creatives

In my career in the entertainment business, I have been an actor, writer, producer, director, development executive and story editor, as well as a screenwriting professor and published author.

These experiences allow me to share an informed frame of reference to the unique challenges that face creative personalities: writers, actors, directors, producers, and musicians who navigate a particularly stressful and unsettling world, trying to balance a challenging  work life with meaningful personal relationships.

There are always ways to change your story.

As a primary therapist at an Intensive Outpatient Facility, my experience also includes a deep understanding of the particular issues that face clients who battle anxiety, depression, and mood disorders who seek or have sought relief in unhealthy attachments to drugs and alcohol. 

My office is conveniently located at the crossroads of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, minutes from Century City and Mid City.  I have both evening and day time hours available. 

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